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Rick Gibbons' Story

30 Jun 2015

    As a church janitor, Rick Gibbons works hard and loves his job. When he started losing weight, he thought it was just the long hours of labor he puts in every day. But Rick didn't feel well - ever. A visit to Bethesda resulted in an unexpected diagnosis of diabetes.

   Like thousands of other working uninsured people in Smith County, Rick could not afford regular clinic visits and expensive medications required to treat a chronic illness such as diabetes.

   Thanks to the chronic disease management program that United Way supports at Bethesda, Rick was able to receive ongoing treatment at Bethesda health clinic.

    It is also a source of pride to Rick that Bethesda is not a completely free clinic, and he is happy that he can do his part and pay a sliding scale fee for the care he receives. "I make a modest living," says Rick, "and it's right that I pay for Bethesda services."

    What does Rick want supporters of United Way to know? "This is one of the best investments to could possibly make." Not only has Rick been able to manage his diabetes, he is also able to afford dental procedures and other necessary services that he would otherwise not be able to afford without the support of local neighbors in Smith County like you.

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